Finished upcycled stool African print waxed cotton

Rescued Upcycled African Print Stool

I love living in Brixton, and having such easy access to African fabric shops. I love the colour and vibrancy of them. The other week I was looking for some funky lining for a skirt I’m making, and found I could get these 3 fairly sizable offcuts for £5. Pretty good deal I think, and 

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When I first moved to New York I bought Vogue instead of dinner. I just felt it fed me more.

Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

Stepping back in time at the Vogue100 exhibition

I spent the last afternoon of my 4 month sabbatical from work at the Vogue100 exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. I’d been saving it as a treat to keep my mind of returning to the real world, and whilst it definitely distracted me, it didn’t necessarily blow me away. It’s a fascinating walk through 

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A useful way to use up scraps

I’ve got a confession to make… I’m a serial fabric hoarder. I can’t throw any fabric away, even if it’s a tiny piece that I’ll probably never use. I also hate using pins any more than is really necessary (which doesn’t always turn out too well). This project is a real win for me… I 

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How to squeeze sewing into your hectic schedule

Back in 1949 the advice given with the Singer Sewing machine was to get your house in order before attempting to sew, because God forbid your husband or another visitor would drop in while you were sewing! Oh the horror!  I think I believe almost completely the opposite! Grab any second that’s spare. Use those boring 

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