Finished upcycled stool African print waxed cotton

Rescued Upcycled African Print Stool

20160611_AfricanPrintI love living in Brixton, and having such easy access to African fabric shops. I love the colour and vibrancy of them. The other week I was looking for some funky lining for a skirt I’m making, and found I could get these 3 fairly sizable offcuts for £5. Pretty good deal I think, and I knew they’d come in handy for some fun project.

On a trip to pick up my parcel from the post office this Saturday, I spotted a little stool on the side of the road in need of some tlc. It was pretty sturdy but just beaten up and unloved… The perfect weekend project! So here’s my quick blog on how I upcycled a stool I rescued from the side of the road

Back at home I worked out that the legs screw off so took it apart and sanded it down. I wasn’t too precious about getting it right back to the wood, as long as the gloss was gone and my new paint had something to stick to.

  20160604_StoolBefore2  20160604_StoolBefore1

20160604_StoolBefore3  20160604_StoolSanded

20160611_AfricanFabricMaterial20160604_StoolDryingRummaging through my stash I picked out the Africa fabrics, and went for the brightest orange one. I love the brashness of it and the slight glitter in the gold parts. It gives it a bit of texture as well as just the fab colours.

I toyed with painting the legs orange, but thought it might be overkill.

Also considered purple which could have been quite funky, but my local paint shop could only give me a litre can which seemed a bit excessive! So settled for boring old cream! Another option was to put little orange or gold “cuffs” at the bottom of each leg, but after consultation with the hubby decided not to over-complicate it… I can always add them later if I change my mind!

A couple of coats later (and an ingenuous use of a disposable BBQ as a drying rack) and I had the base done.

The trick with the fabric is to think about the finished product and what you want to see on the top of the stool, so I spend some time lining up alternatives before cutting. Then used the trusty old “union jack” technique to stretch the fabric over my new foam (from an old memory foam mattress topper btw). Raided my stash for some orange grosgrain to cover the staples, and voila!

20160605_FinishedStool120160605_FinishedStool3Not bad for an unplanned weekend job, and it
got me out in the garden in the sun too!

What do you think? Like the print? Should I have been a bit bolder with the legs?

Btw… If you really love it, I’m selling it on Gumtree here

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