A great casual blazer for the spring – Grainline Morris Blazer

Before going back to work, I decided that I should up-class my wardrobe a bit. Instead of the boring black cardy’s that I usually wear over dresses and tops, a blazer smartens things up a bit… especially as I would be starting at a new client that I didn’t know.
A bit of googling later, and I saw there was a lot of hype about the Grainline Studio Morris Blazer. Now, I haven’t bought a pattern in years (I prefer to scrabble around the internet for free ones, or make my own), so spending $12 seemed like a big step for me. Naturally I slept on it for a couple of days, but kept thinking about this blazer, and all the photos I’d seen of other people’s versions. I really liked Carly in stitches‘ version, and this amazing mustard one from Saturday night stitch.

Artsibarchi - morris blazer 13Having measured myself and looked at the sizes given on the pattern, I decided to go for a US 8, even though my measurements are slightly large. I figured it would be open anyway so wouldn’t make too much difference. I’m glad I did, wouldn’t have wanted it any bigger. I also made a couple of adjustments before I started. I started by lengthening the body by 3cm. I’ve got quite a long body, and I wear hipster trousers most of the time, so need a little more length. I also extended the lining at the cuffs of the sleeve, so that I could put a contrasting material on the inside and turn them up. I call this “work mode” and “party mode”. I’ve got a couple of items that have it and totally love it! It means you can go to work and be all serious with the cuffs turned down, and then transition to the pub by just turning them up! It also means that if the cuffs don’t match something, you can just opt for the plain colour and wear it with the cuffs turned down… so many options!

I found the instructions really easy to follow, expect for attaching the yoke. This took a bit of thinking, but once you’ve done it once, it makes perfect sense! My Artsibarchi - morris blazer 2hubby will tell you, my 3D spacial awareness is rubbish, so if I’m stuck trying to visualise something, I tend to pin it all up first, and then usually you can see the logic. It was really quick to make though.

I added some bias binding to the inside shoulder and arm-hole seams to smarten them up a bit, and I sewed the cuffs into the sleeves before sewing up the seams. I’m not sure what to say for the best on this one, doing it this way was a bit of a pain as I had to bias bind the raw edges of the cuffs, especially as I wanted to turn them up. But on the next one I made I did it the proper way and it was impossible to get up inside the sleeves to secure the ends of the cuff lining, so I had
to do it by hand (which I hate!).

I love this grey one. It’s my new go-to jacket. So comfy, versatile and makes everything look great! My only issue with it is that the sleeves fall off my shoulder a little, but no one else would notice that.

For the black one I took 1cm out of each shoulder, and adjusted the facing to match. Same length extension of 3cm, and also an extra 5cm in the arms so that they reach my wrist (when not folded back). Again, I added a bit of detail with the cuffs (which actually match my pencil skirt I made last week following the same method as my Laos skirt). However, this one doesn’t sit quite so well. I think I stretched the material (when I sewed the right front on back to front!), and the material is a bit stretchier, so makes it look a bit more casual. Still great with jeans though!

These blazers are great. I’m sure there’ll me more in my wardrobe soon… what colour/pattern do you think I should do next? Something a bit brighter I’m thinking?


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