How to squeeze sewing into your hectic schedule


Back in 1949 the advice given with the Singer Sewing machine was to get your house in order before attempting to sew, because God forbid your husband or another visitor would drop in while you were sewing! Oh the horror! 

I think I believe almost completely the opposite! Grab any second that’s spare. Use those boring meetings in work to think through and plan your next projects, or write a shopping list for the supplies you need. Log off facebook and log into Spoonflower instead to get some material inspiration, or even create your own design. Then squeeze the sewing into any spare minute you have. You’d be amazed how much you can achieve!

My top tips for sewing in a busy world:

  1. Always be on the lookout for inspiration – I’m constantly looking at other people’s clothes, bags, etc. On the tube, in the office, walking down the street. You might feel a bit odd, but if you like a garment, try to figure out how it’s made, where are the seams, where are the zips? Then try to sketch it out later.
  2. Keep track of your ideas – I like to keep a bookmark folder on the computer with links to patterns I want to make. It’s organised into Tops > Skirts > Dresses > Gift ideas > Other stuff! I can use those 5min gaps between meetings to surf the other sewing blogs to find patterns (look out for a blog soon on where to go for the best free patterns).
  3. Learn to multi-task – There’s lots of preparation involved in a typical sewing project. Things that don’t need too much concentration can be done whilst watching TV with the hubby, for example sticking together print-at-home patterns, or cutting out patterns or interfacing
  4. Find a dedicated sewing spot – This might be difficult, especially in London-sized flats, but even just a small corner where you can leave things mostly set up will save you time. If you’ve only got 15mins spare, you don’t want to spend 5 minutes getting the sewing machine out at putting it away again.
  5. Make sure to show off your creations – Nothing will motivate you to find more time for sewing that showing off your new clothes and hearing the compliments come streaming in. I love the incredulous look on people’s faces when they compliment me and I tell them I’ve made it myself!

I hope that you’ll see that you don’t need to be in front of your sewing machine to get prepared to start creating. Go on… give it a go!



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