A useful way to use up scraps

20160222_174919I’ve got a confession to make… I’m a serial fabric hoarder. I can’t throw any fabric away, even if it’s a tiny piece that I’ll probably never use. I also hate using pins any more than is really necessary (which doesn’t always turn out too well).

This project is a real win for me… I get to use up some scraps, and I give myself a way to reduce the pinning when cutting out fabrics. Say hello to my new pattern weights.

Pattern weights are used to weigh down your patterns whilst cutting out your fabric. Does what it says on the tin! You can buy them in shops, but there’s no need really. Until today I’ve been using a wooden box and some heavy books, so when I saw some pattern weights online, I started to wonder what I could make some out of, and I’m happy to share my super easy recipe with you:

What you need:

  • Some scraps of fabric – you can work with any shape and size really, but aim for about 20cm x 10cm rectangles, and you’ll need 2 per weight. You can easily make triangles or semi-circles if that’s all you have leftover, and the fabric doesn’t need to match on both sides
  • Rice, pennies, or anything else that’s heavy – this is your weight
  • Usual sewing supplies – thread, scissors, pins


1. Get out your scraps. I found these in my stash. First job to give them a quick iron!20160222_160153

2. Cut into the shapes that work for your scraps. Two of mine worked as rectangles, but the other two are a bit more free form!20160222_161104

3. Sew around the edges, leaving a 5cm gap on one side to turn out.20160222_162946

4. Fill with rice, or whatever your heavy weigh is. Be careful not to overfill as it’s very difficult to sew them closed if they are too full. Also be careful not to throw the rice all over the floor like I did!

5. If you’re using rice, you might want to pin the rice back away from the opening to stop it getting in the way when you sew it closed. If you want your pattern weights to look really smart, hand stitch the opening closed. I took the lazy option and just machine stitched along the entire edge that had the opening in it. Not as pretty, but much quicker!20160222_163451

And there you have it, some great scrappy pattern weights ready to weigh down my next project. Enjoy!20160222_174919

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